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Who we are

We are Paper Sword B2B
We help you grow through strategic use
of branding, lead generation, results driven
digital marketing and collaborative partner strategies

Marketing Automation

We maximize your campaign relevancy by personalized marketing. We then use content strategies, segmented targeted and test markets to refine and drive conversions.

Partner Strategy

Leverage the power of collaboration and shared resources by building a structured approach to B2B partnerships. Paper Sword B2B helps develop integrated marketing campaigns that diversifies channel marketing.


Content Development

We drive highly engaging content designed to illicit immediate action. We offer a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary planning with a user-centric, multi-disciplinary approach.

Brand Management

With a data-driven and research-based approach, Paper Sword leverages key messages, aligns them to target markets and develops a compelling story.

“An effective go-to-market strategy starts with an understanding of your targeted market and then finds the opportunities where you can compete and win.”

Ideas that inspire emotion are ideas that drive business decisions

When demand generation is in harmony with brand position, something amazing happens to the bottom line.  That’s why at Paper Sword, we balance both sides of the equation – simultaneously building strong, creative brands while developing data-driven pipeline conversion campaigns. Everything we create is thoughtful, useful and designed to bring business to your door. Your company’s success is proof that you understand your market. But the more you know about your buyers, the more effectively you can fine-tune your brand, messaging, channels, and strategies to engage them.