Campaign Management and Email Marketing

Let's talk about campaign management

Lambda Solution – Lead Generation strategies, from soup to nuts

Paper Sword began working with Lambda Solutions to onboard Marketo – an enterprise level email marketing solution – and integrate it into Salesforce.

We managed several email and event campaigns while working directly with the VP of Revenue and sales teams to help narrow pricing structures and commission payments for sales executives. Lambda Solutions experienced a 14% overall revenue growth in less than a year with a more mature lead generation engine in play.

Expressor Software – Where product marketing and campaign management meet

Expressor Software had big dreams of building an enterprise-level ETL (Extract, transform and load) SaaS solution that could solve complex data quality problem for enterprise-level clients. However, licences of their software were not affordable for their current markets, and the sales cycle for Forture 1000 companies was too long.

Paper Sword helped Expressor package and build a free, studio edition of the software which would encourage product feedback and increase the likelihood of enterprise software adoption. We executed the launch of the product, partnered with Microsoft MVPs and expert bloggers, while developing social channels designed to open European and Asian markets. Expressor had 3000 downloads in the first quarter resulting in $430,000 in increased revenue.