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Professional Organization for SQL Server (PASS) – 24 hours of learning

PASS is a global organization dedicated to helping Microsoft data professionals connect, share and learn about SQL Server and Business Analytics. However, they found that despite a global mandate, most of the community concentrated in North America.

In an effort to capture new markets, Paper Sword executed the first 24 hours of PASS – 24 consecutive, one-hour live webinar events in 8 global time zones. Each webinar had a different Microsoft professional speaker and one, locally-based moderator to evangelize the community in that region. PASS received over 15,000 registrations, 40% of which were outside of North America. Today PASS runs a 24 Hours of PASS event every 6 months and the event has become a key membership driver for the organization

Intercrate Container Company – Blog and Conference Strategy

Intercrate is a true innovator. This small company generates an incredible amount of business out of its office in Vancouver Canada, and has become a major player in the American farming industry. By focusing on fit, durability and function, they sell thousands of crates every year to some of the largest farms in North America.

Paper Sword helps Intercrate leverage their strong brand through a new website, blog strategy, and a more powerful presence at industry events.