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Microsoft – IoT and Advanced Analytics round-table events

A lot can happen when you bring people together to talk possibilities. Microsoft wanted to do just that.

6 months after the ground-breaking announcement of Cortana Intelligence Suite, Microsoft and Paper Sword in partnership with SolidQ ran a number of IoT/Advanced Analytic round table events. These events brought together Executive-level professionals from Fortune 1000 companies to talk about the power technology can have in their organizations.

SolidQ – SQL Modernization

SQL Server 2016 marked an industry shift in the database world, with Always On capability, Always encrypted security features, and an unparalleled move to the cloud.

Paper Sword helped SolidQ, a SQL Server services integrator, package and deliver the SQL Modernization story to existing customers, while new driving business by capitalizing on Microsoft incentives and resources. SQL Modernization became the primary channel by which clients learned how to work with SolidQ, and 40% of all SQL Modernization packages turned into further consulting work for the company.