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Up until now, you may have survived with very little marketing

Chances are it’s because your offering was great and your people really believe in the tech you’ve built.

But you can’t scale the way you want to without great messaging. 2022 is going to test your agility, and we want you to come through this the clear leader.

Clarify and focus your message

Despite the challenges, you wake up every day ready to grow your business. Instead of spending hours agonizing over your marketing, clarify your message and deliver it to new buyers with a partner like Paper Sword.

With us, it’s not on you to cobble together a bunch of marketing consultants all trying to sell you something. We start with brand and story and work with you to deliver a cohesive strategy designed to bring your services and buyers together.

Schedule a 30-minute call to start your StoryBrand Assessment.

At Paper Sword B2B, we’re a small team of problem solvers, creative thinkers, marketing experts and designers.

We’re small enough to be agile and creative, but big enough to offer a full suite of services for your project or service. We believe there’s still integrity left in the marketing world and we’ll help you build your business around it.

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Get everything you need to uplift your messaging and create winning campaigns:

  • One-Liner Guide
  • Website Design Guide
  • Story Development Worksheet
  • LinkedIn Social Selling Worksheet
marketing resource package


The Paper Sword marketing maturity blueprint includes all key activities for you to bring profitable, problem-oriented products to market. We can help you from business conception, product development, lead generation, and everywhere in between.

  • Focus

    1. Focus

    We help you define your brand, build your story, and identify your unique position in the market.

  • Marketing Vancouver

    2. Market

    We work together to understand your buyers by defining their problems, habits, goals and drivers so we can match them to your products and services.

  • Execute

    3. Execute

    By unleashing your content strategy, we begin building awareness, nurturing your leads and amplifying your voice.

  • Analyze

    4. Analyze

    Every campaign is analyzed for wins and losses and reported back to you. We track marketing projects all the way to ROI.


  • Inbound Marketing

    Sales Funnels

    Attract customers and deliver your value proposition to companies ready to buy your services.

  • Website Development

    Website Development

    We deliver beautiful, high-performing web experiences built on the widely accepted WordPress content management system. Our websites are elegantly crafted and expertly supported.

  • Product Marketing

    Product Marketing

    Stop managing your feature lists and start connecting your brand to your products and their offering. Expert product marketing results in values-based selling.

  • Brand Development

    Brand Development

    Tell your story and be bold in your claims. Paper Sword brand development process positions your customers as the hero of their story with your products and services as essential partner and guide.

  • Partnership Programs

    Partnership Programs

    Identify partners and elevate your voice in a noisy market. Paper Sword’s program development and co-marketing strategies connects like-minded organizations and builds channels to offer even more value to customers.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Strategy

    Need a fractional CMO to help your business understand marketing strategy? From a leadership and business development perspective, partner with Paper Sword to help onboard and develop.


We’re relentless about our clients and their success, and we’ll go above and beyond to support your business around-the-clock.

Want proof?

Explore our customer stories and learn how we’ve helped them successfully navigate marketing challenges.

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