Paper Sword B2B is a full-service marketing agency. We help software companies reach their markets and tell their stories.

Despite the challenges, you wake up every day ready to grow your business.

Instead of spending hours agonizing over your marketing, clarify your message and generate more leads with a marketing partner like Paper Sword

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We’re a small team of problem solvers, creative thinkers, marketing experts and designers. We’re small enough to be agile and creative but big enough to offer a full suite of services for your project or service. We believe there is still integrity left in the marketing world and we’ll help you build your business around it.

Our process helps you win

The Paper Sword marketing maturity blueprint includes all key activities for you to bring profitable, problem-oriented products to market. We can help you from business conception, product development, lead generation and every where in between.

From our portfolio

Fortifed Data – Website, messaging framework and lead generation

Fortified Data is proof that a collaborative agency partnership is worth the investment. Averaging 400% growth year-on-year, Fortified Data rockets to the forefront of the Data Platform consulting industry. Read how Paper Sword works to build their brand and drive their lead generation.

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