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Paper Sword 2021 podcast & event appearance roundup

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It’s hard to believe that 2021 is nearly over. But as the world continued to adjust to our new definition of ‘normal’, there has been no shortage of creative new ways to be involved in the B2B tech sector. With many in-person events still slow to resume, our team took our B2B marketing expertise to new digital venues in 2021.

That’s why our team decided to invest in supporting online communities. Podcasts and digital conferences have become a place where people find a sense of belonging. Here are just some of the places where we were committed to building that community.

Geeks on Screens

In February 2021, Paper Sword Founder, Blythe Morrow, spoke with Azure Architect, Mark Pryce-Maher about…well, everything! From heated driveways to the unique challenges for new parents who are have tried to create their own tech company, they enjoy a nice chat over (virtual) coffee.

SQL Data Partners

While they might not realize it, data pros aren’t solely dedicated to the hard skills of tech. They actually negotiate and problem-solve all the time— and their success in helping their company evolve its Data Platform depends on how well they can communicate and influence. It’s a scary thought, but an ability to negotiate with the business side of things often determines if projects get funded. Those skills are arguably as important as skills in T-SQL. In this episode, Blythe Morrow chats about strategies you can incorporate to better communicate with those around you.

Knee Deep in Tech

Ready to get knee-deep into B2B marketing and tech? You’ve come to the right place! In this episode, Alexander

Arvidsson (Principal Solutions Architect at Attollo) talks to Blythe Morrow about marketing, SQL Server, community, and Star Trek!

SQL Server Radio

Are you a data professional who needs to be able to convince people that you’re right? Blythe Morrow is here to help! Blythe Morrow is our special guest for today, teaching us tech folks how to talk and convince people about topics in regards to Data Platform technologies.

Data WIT promo

Mala Mahadevan and Kathi Kellenberger interview Blythe Morrow about her pre-con “Master Communication and Influencing Skills”. They discuss the unique window Blythe has into the data landscape, and what tips she can give data professionals when it comes to talking to CTOs.

PASS Data Community Summit Interview

Scott Stauffer talks with Blythe about her upcoming Full Day Pre-Conference Session at the PASS Data Community Summit. If you are looking to improve your business communication skills, confidence is negotiating with and influencing your leadership team, her pre-con session is likely for you!