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Standing out in today’s oversaturated digital landscape can be frustrating: competition is fierce, your budget isn’t infinite, and the sheer number of digital marketing channels available can be daunting.

At Paper Sword, we understand the barriers that stand in the way of effective, sales-qualified marketing. And, we’ve got the tools to help you overcome them.

Let Us Sharpen Your Message

There is a difference between marketing to businesses vs. consumers. Marketers need to understand that your business is different.

  • Your business is more relationship-based
  • Your contracts are larger– You may have a sales team
  • Your message is more complex.  

Paper Sword is a full-service B2B marketing agency in Canada. We help B2B service and product organizations clarify their message, develop their website, and execute digital marketing campaigns. 

StoryBrand Certified Guide

B2B Marketing Services

Start bridging the chasm between what you sell and the people who buy

We write your content and clarify your message

Words are the cornerstone of every customer interaction you have. Be it to inform, persuade or entertain — words will always be the crux. So they should help your business. But for many brands, the words they use (or fail to use) are costing them business every day. We’re here to help. 

We work together to clarify your message, build your brand script, and develop your one liner. You’ll work with a senior B2B marketing consultant to understand your customers and their pains, then position your company as the guide to help them solve those problems. After outlining the transformation your customers take by doing business with you, we develop a messaging guide for you to use internally.


Data-driven solutions

There you are, snug in your covers, about to drift off to sleep. And then your brain decides it would like to dwell on your website for an hour or three. – Ugh, it’s a hot mess.
-It doesn’t represent our company well
– it’s not bringing in the leads and sales it should

With a beautiful, professionally written website, you can clarify your message and start delighting your customers from the first moment they interact with your brand. The website is really the new store-front. It sells your products, discovers brand ambassadors, and creates raving fans. Paper Sword loves taking a business story and turning it into something to be proud of.

Reach your Audience

You’ve done the work to uplift your brand’s presence online. Now we need to expand your reach into your target audience and nurture them for increased conversions.

With a solid lead generation strategy, you can bring in more business, faster. Lead generation can be tough. But with a content-first approach to our lead magnets, you’ll be able to connect with your buyers, regardless of where they are at in their customer journey. Paper Sword loves taking cold leaders and turning them into brand advocates.  

Publishing your marketing collateral can feel like shouting into the digital void, but it shouldn’t have to. Schedule a call with us, and we’ll help you create marketing that works.

How We Make Your Marketing a Success


1. Focus

We help you define your brand, build your story, and identify your unique position in the market.

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2. Market

We work together to understand your buyers by defining their problems, habits, goals and drivers so we can match them to your products and services.


3. Execute

By unleashing your content strategy, we begin building awareness, nurturing your leads and amplifying your voice.


4. Analyze

Every campaign is analyzed for wins and losses and reported back to you. We track marketing projects all the way to ROI.

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