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Struggling with your message? You're not alone.

You can’t explain what you do, never mind convince customers that they should do business with you. Sound familiar? The words you use are costing you business every day. In the world of disruption, the best companies are the ones that get their message across the fastest. It just makes lead generation and sales so much easier.

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B2B messaging that brings business to you

When you identify your customer’s true, deeper-level pain, you better demonstrate your authority to help them. But more than that, you show that your solutions can help transform their failures into successes.

Craft a clear message that moves buyers to action

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Clarify Your Message

We work together to clarify your message, build your brand script, and develop your one liner. You’ll work with a senior marketing consultant to understand your customers and their pains, then position your company as the guide to help them solve those problems.

After outlining the transformation your customers take by doing business with you, we develop a messaging guide for you to use internally.


  • 3 brand exercise meetings with our senior consultant
  • A completed long-form brand script
  • A one-liner you can use on your website right away
  • A professionally designed messaging guide

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Align Your Team

Find your personality and tone to truly differentiate in the market. We’ll take you through a series of branding exercises that identify your brand archetype, personality, and tone.


  • Review the 12 brand archetypes defined by Carl Jung and adapted by Dr. Pearson
  • Your brand script written in 2 candidate personalities for your review
  • Tone and writing style definitions
  • A full messaging guide outlining your complete brand framework
  • Includes everything in the Clarify your Message package

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Need extra messaging?

Validate Your Market

Get to the heart of your customer and their pains. Here we talk to and interview your customers to discover why they do business with you. Armed with this information, we then clarify your message.

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Your message needs personality. Why we use brand archetypes to make you message memorable

Our Guide to Brand Archetypes