Brand Definition and Sales Enablement

Client: Denny Cherry & Associates

Those with the best sales consider the problems of the people they’re trying to help.

It’s such a simple concept, but so many tech services companies fall short. Denny Cherry & Associates (DCAC) is the team you call in to solve the gnarly, complicated, mission-critical problems. The phone calls they get are for real digital transformation projects from the worlds’ biggest companies. They’ve literally written the book on how to fix and secure severs. And we needed to help them tell that story.

dcac presentation
We started with their purpose and vision and asked ourselves “What is the undeniable shift happening in the world that makes their work do important.”  We learned that the organizations who work with DCAC go through an incredible transformation in their ability to serve their customers. For example:
1. You can become cloud-enabled and move towards a completely scalable data ecosystem
2. You can extract the information you need from that data in near real-time and serve that to your decision makers
3. And you can do it all securely, safeguarding your business’s data, employees and users
4. All while delivering faster performance and availability
What a brand promise people! (The coolest thing is that they can actually guarantee this).

Defining your Brand

The Power Point presentation first outlines the huge shift happening in the world. It’s true that companies who don’t take control of their data lose out over and over again. Modern server technology and secure data lead to winners in the cloud game.

Supporting the Sales Process

The Sales PDF breaks the DCAC story down even further. It’s oulines their 4 main services in a straightforward way. IT decision makers don’t need complicated marketing to understand the value and scope of services. DCAC wanted something clear and concise to aid in the decision-making process.

dcac letter