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with better marketing

B2B focused digital campaigns for technology marketing

Fed up telling marketers what you do?

Technology businesses need to partner with marketing experts who actually understand what they do. There should be no playing catch up. Work with marketing partners who are as excited about technology as you are: people who understand where your customers are and how best to reach them.

From website refresh to new lead generating campaigns

Our digital marketing services fit you at any stage of your business development. Divided into Website projects and digital campaigns, we can create a unique plan that supports your goals for growth.

Marketing Meets Sales

Leverage the power of your content consistency and list building to unite marketing and sales.

Why Choose Us

StoryBrand Certified Agency & Facilitator

Trusted to deliver a proven framework that helps unite organizations under one clear and concise message.

A proven

The Paper Sword marketing maturity blueprint includes all key activities for you to bring profitable, problem-oriented products to market.

Small business

We're small enough to be agile and creative, but big enough to offer a full suite of services for your project or service.

What Clients Say


Any SaaS company wanting to scale needs solid marketing. Paper Sword is a very effective at showing our software to potential buyers and continues to guide Matchbook Services in our marketing efforts.

They bring consistency and quality to our marketing, and are a valuable partner as we look to scale into the next phase of growth.

We highly recommend their work to Software and tech companies looking for that perfect blend of creativity and results.

Brenda McCabe

Matchbook Services

I would be remiss to refer to Paper Sword as a top-notch agency - the truth, as any of their clients will tell you, is that they are THE top-notch agency.

The sheer audacity of Blythe's marketing advice is breathtaking, Jeremy's knowledge and positivity unmatched in its depth and breadth.

It is possible to drown your entire business in the ocean of marketing, and Paper Sword won't let you. Why? Because Paper Sword are lifeguards, protecting you from all of the stupid marketing decisions you make when left to your own devices. They drag you out, kicking and screaming, because they know what's good for you. Do you? Probably not. That has a good ring to it, actually:

"Paper Sword: Saving you from your own bad ideas."

Jeff Smith