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For most business owners, prospecting for new clients is their least favourite part of the job. Deep down they are fearful of being seen as pushy. No one wants to come across as the sleazy stereotypical sales-person, manipulative and predatory. We understand this sentiment completely.
Paper Sword B2B and ExtraBold Sales doesn’t want you to be seen that way, either.

Paper Sword B2B partnered with ExtraBold Sales to help you grow your business

ExtraBold Sales Training gives you what you need to get your sales on track. Over the course of 12 weeks, you will not believe what a dramatic improvement you’ll make in how you think about selling. You’ll learn how to set big sales goals you can meet easily.

You’ll learn how to talk to people in ways they want to buy. Time after time, I’ve seen people just like you achieve amazing success…some even in just the first few weeks of the class!

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Your small business needs more than one-size -fits-all marketing, so we teach you what you need to know now to grow your business.

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We don't send you videos and call it a day. We work with you through each exercise and offer feedback on the assets you create.

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Gain confidence to execute your own marketing activities and generate leads like a pro.

12 weeks of sales training to get you unstuck and achieving your goals

Paper Sword partners directly with ExtraBold Sales to apply your brand messaging
and give your business the success it deserves.
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ExtraBold Sales Training

Next training class starts Tuesday March 2nd
Every Tuesday at 10:00am CST for 90 minutes

  • A series of 12 small-group training classes on Zoom led by Catherine Brown consisting of dynamic group discussion of the weekly readings and exercises
  • A copy of “The Inner Game of Selling” textbook
  • 2, one-on-one private coaching calls with Catherine
  • After completion of the course, a one-month free membership in Catherine’s weekly Come and Go coaching group

Cost: $3500

Improve your business efficiency

Unit 1: Understand How Beliefs Shape Your Life
Summary: We all interpret our experiences imperfectly. 

Unit 2: Set Goals for Real
Summary: You can set goals you’ll meet. 

Unit 3: Understand Why People Buy
Summary: Do we sell the way people want to buy? 

Unit 4:  Learn How to Run a Sales Call
Summary: Every sales cycle has qualifying questions and distinct steps.  

Unit 5: Create Your Sales Sequence 
Summary: Persist in your outreach, and don’t give up too quickly. 

Unit 6:  Practice Your Values
Summary: We always sell consistent with our values. 

Unit 7: Determine Our Success
Summary:  Everyone has created false boundaries with self-imposed limits.

Unit 8: Reframe Your Story
Summary: You can understand some of the reasons why you have blockages and choose a different path.  

Unit 9: Tap Into Your Creativity
Summary: You can be more creative while selling.

Unit 10: Generate Energy for Sales
Summary: When you have clear, personalized goals, you can create the energy to reach them. 

 Unit 11: Sell With Greater Purpose
Summary:  You’ve got to have a “why” in selling 

 Unit 12: Observe Your Habits
Summary: Recognize self-talk and create positive self-suggestion 

Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown understands what it means to start and build a business during challenging times, launching her first sales consulting firm in 2003, and now running her sales training firm www.extraboldsales.com.

A veteran of 25+ years of business-to-business selling, she now trains and coaches others to sell with confidence. Her sales system includes psychology research that gets at the heart of why people don’t sell effectively. She trains on the reasons people buy (it’s not what you think!). She has a process to help business owners take the frustration and worry out of business development, so they can close new business without wasting money on one-size-fits-all training. Catherine has a BA from Rice University and is a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

12 weeks of sales training to get you unstuck and achieving your goals

Sales training for modern businesses
Be the first to know about upcoming opportunities

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Join the next ExtraBold sales workshop and say good-bye to those negative thoughts that keep you from selling what you should be selling. In three months, you can be a different person when it comes to selling. Make this year the year you take control of your schedule, choices, and the beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

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Any SaaS company wanting to scale needs solid marketing. Paper Sword is very effective at showing our software to potential buyers and continues to guide Matchbook Services in our marketing efforts.

Brenda McCabe

Matchbook Services

ExtraBold Sales is the real deal! Catherine Brown is a unique sales trainer. She is as turned off as anyone by common sales approaches that come across as dishonest, hard sell, and manipulative. What she teaches is the opposite: How to sell with integrity, honesty, and respect for the customer. I can't recommend her highly enough. Take her class now!

Jon G

ExraBold Sales Alumni

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