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Introducing Our NEW Online Sales training in Partnership with ExtraBold Sales

In this featured post, Catherine from ExtraBold Sales shares her thoughts about selling with integrity.

“How’s that working for you?” 
Doctor Phil’s famous question is one we ought to ask ourselves right now about how we are selling.

Why right now? Because the effects of COVID-19 on B2B sales were huge, and there are no signs of things going ‘back to normal’ any time soon.  
We’ve seen a huge shift towards digital sales and marketing this year. About half of Paper Sword’s services have changed to meet the new ways we buy. But across all our clients in every industry, we’re seeing companies struggle the most to sell digitally. It’s so different when we can’t go to trade-shows, work a conference booth, or drop by our customers’ offices. If our clients have lost in any piece of sales and marketing, it’s in selling.

Then we met Catherine from Extra Bold.

Catherine understands how to sell in a way that aligns with your values. She knows how to set goals, work backward, get you out of your own head.

She’s passionate about integrity selling. here’s a quote straight from her:

“The good news is that when we sell according to our values, our methods may alter, but our integrity stays the same. So how do we meet and connect with people without compromising our values? Part of it is putting yourself (genuinely) in the client’s shoes. Who among us enjoys gaining a new connection on LinkedIn only to be immediately inundated with sales messages? The bottom line is, we don’t like being treated that way, so we shouldn’t sell that way either. 

Blythe Morrow

What’s the solution then? It’s generosity. Giving earns trust. Reach out to potential clients via social media with something you think they’ll find valuable. Once you’ve built a real connection with your prospect, it’s no longer weird for you to ask them to chat on the phone or over Zoom. You need to give first though…generously. “

After taking her 12-week sales training course,

Catherine and I had become fast friends and Paper Sword made more in that quarter than it ever had: All while staying true to who we are and doing business with integrity.
The truth is that you can no longer walk into an office and find inspiration to connect by talking about the family picture on the prospect’s desk. When you start generously sharing information, it allows you to start those conversations remotely without compromising our values. 

We’ve partnered with Catherine to offer a 12-week course just for Paper Sword clients for $3500.

We’ll be there too – so we can connect your selling style to your marketing every step of the way.

Blythe Morrow

Are you ready to learn more about why people buy from you and create custom tools to reach them more effectively without sacrificing dignity? 

Join our partner ExtraBold Sales’ 12-week Deep Dive Sales Mastermind and learn how through a sales training unlike any other.

Register now as limited spots are still available for this course! 

PS: This isn’t just us promoting a partner that we love (which we do), Paper Sword B2B has undergone this sales training ourselves and exceeded all expectations with more proposals out the door, more closed deals, and an overall increase in top-line revenue for our B2B marketing agency after enrolling in this course.

We genuinely know that this course has immense business value for organizations of any size, and we hope you gain as much from it as we have in these past few months!