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Join our pre-conference seminar at PASS Data Community Summit

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Master-level DBAs can learn how to communicate with clarity and pitch with confidence.

Are you a data professional? Then you need to be able to master clear communication.

Communication may not seem important—after all, you work with tech, right? But while you focus on finding technical solutions within the Data Platform, the problems you’re solving for organizations have a real impact on users and business owners. And a lot of times, those users and business owners are not tech-savy people. That means that your ability to offer solutions involves translating what you do and why to the non-technical people who access data systems every day.

The honest truth is that you are negotiating and problem-solving all the time, often without knowing it. Your success as a professional as your company evolves its Data Platform depends on how well you can communicate and influence. Its’ a scary thought, but your ability to negotiate with the business directly often determines if your projects get funded. Those skills are arguably as important as your T-SQL.

Communication skills can be learned.

Think the world is stuck into two static camps of ‘word people’ and ‘not word people’? It’s not true. But switching can be a steep curve. Thankfully, there’s a way of framing anything you do so that makes intrinsic sense to the listener. Here’s Paper Sword Founder & Managing Director with a quick intro:

Want to learn more? Join Blythe’s PASS 2021 pre-con session!

It’s time to challenge the notion of ‘the silent DBA’. Blythe believes it is possible for anyone to build a better communication foundation—from there you can directly influence the data transformation in your organizations.

Join PASS 2021 November 8-12 to access a free, full-day session with Blythe on honing this critical skill.

Missed the event, or looking for help crafting clear communications as a data professional running your own business? Talk to our team—we help people like you every day!