Product Marketing and Website Development

Client: KTL Solutions

Creating a clear customer path with the right product marketing.

The first step? Organization

Cutting through the chaos of technical information means simplifying the message.

Tech-based companies need to convey a lot of information, but that can get complicated, quickly. It’s important to focus on the essentials and make navigability a priority.

By breaking down KTL’s services into discrete customer journeys, we fixed the fragmented areas and created an easy-to-follow narrative flow. It also meant we could focus on the core messaging of each and create a simplified look that made it distinct, yet part of the cohesive overall website theme.

Design matters

Using the right components of design makes websites look clean and professional, which lends it authority at the very first look. The issue with many websites we are asked to re-design is that they have too much content. Trying to cover everything at once, and in extreme detail, creates confusion for the customer. While staying true to KTL’s values, our team worked to boil down each service into its core concept, being mindful of the needs of potential clients interested in that service.

The new KTL website demonstrates a clean visual identity that is easy to navigate and functional to use. By creating a long-form page, we dove into all the services and offerings each platform has in a simplified and effortless way. In this format, KTL’s website tells a story for each service that allowed a clear message towards their clientele. With this strategy, our team then continued to focus on branding that clearly communicates one unified perception of what KTL does.

Focusing on reliability and performance

It’s essential to ensure that navigating a website is easy and intuitive. That begins with content that resonates with user needs and offers clear and consistent calls to action.

Once we designed a logical path for customers to follow, we needed to make sure that the KTL website behaves the way users expect it to. Our team specializes in reliability to keep websites is on track. For KTL, we used a well-built program that not only has great performance and high-speed scores but is incredibly responsive and allows KTL to easily edit adjust content as needed through the back end.

“Paper sword is such a great company! We will be returning as we are happier than ever with the results. Their team is composed of hardworking, passionate professionals that have delivered the best experience.”


Marketing Manager, KTL

The new KTL website