Paper Sword is now a Keap Certified Partner

Learn why we chose Keap as our Marketing Automation Platform of choice.


As a marketing agency, there’s only so much we can do without a marketing automation platform in place. E-blast services like mail Chimp and Constant Contacts are too limited to run campaigns, manage SEO landing pages and coordinate campaigns. The problem is that MAPs are expensive – they typically start at $800 a month for Hubspot and can go as high as $5000/mon for an enterprise edition of Adobe Marketing Cloud. That’s a tough sell for organizations just starting out in marketing automation, so we’ve been recommending Infusionsoft – a small business MAP and CRM that has all the marketing services a small business could need, and wicked customer service. They have always been available to answer any questions for our clients – and that impacts how they feel about marketing, especially because it can be a difficult platform.

Recently Infusionsoft launched a new small business marketing automation platform called Keap. This is a significant break from their previous offering. Infusionsoft has long been considered a robust marketing automation system, but it’s struggled to be a user-friendly option for non-marketing types. It’s tough to learn if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Keap now offers small business owners an easy-to-use interface while maintaining most of the robust campaign builder features that Infusionsoft is known for. We love the new interface, and we’re excited to see the platform expanding and changing. It’s good for marketing automation and it’s great for our clients.

In his announcement Keap co-founder Scott Martineau writes:

“We designed Keap for service-focused small businesses looking for a simple tool that centralizes their data and empowers them to deliver great service that turns leads into happy clients who refer.”

So, is Keap the right option for your small business?

Here are 3 reasons why we love it:

  1. You get a lot for $99 a month. At the time of this article Keap’s basic plan is $99 per month for 1 user and 500 contacts. The package includes a CRM and Marketing Automation Platform. As you build your list and onboard more staff the price increases incrementally. Here’s a link to the current pricing.
  2. A simple elegant CRM interface. The Keap CRM allows you to build your contact list, manage your pipeline, and send quotes and invoices. Admittedly this is a simple CRM program that might not keep up (no pun intended) with a mature sophisticated sales team. However, if you have a small sales team needing a simple solution to track and qualify leads – the Keap solution is a very attractive option.
    • Already have a CRM? No problem – Keap can be integrated into most CRM systems. To do so you’ll probably need a little help from a Certified Keap partner (wink wink)
  3. Finally, marketing automation. Keap might look different but the soul hasn’t changed. The Infusionsoft campaign builder remains mostly in-tact and unchanged. The most notable new feature is automated scheduler that allows your prospects to book meetings directly from your website.

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