Brand Scripting and Website Development

Client: SQL Solutions Group

Communicating Passion

You don’t work in tech unless you love it. But it can be hard to bridge the passion gap with potential clients who see tech primarily as a headache. SQL Solutions Group needed a message and visual identity that would resonate with clients and demonstrate the value of technology partners who genuinely love what they do.

Capturing Creativity for the Microsoft Data Platform

Database consulting may sound unimaginative, but the SSG team wasn’t afraid of having a little fun to show off their personality. Starting with a new visual identity, we used duotone color palette with contrasting dominant blue and orange. The pop of secondary color in the logo shows a ‘spark’ of electric vibrancy.

The new website uses visualizations to represent the sophisticated nature of work that happens in the SQL Server industry. These data visualizations connect hundreds of individual points, creating one unified pattern/diagram and inviting viewers to see how small data points work in harmony to create a bigger picture. The website’s photo treatment brings depth to images and plays with the theme of data visualization, placing data points over stacked images. This layering of images and illustrations further underscores the interconnected nature of data. 

“I just love how simple but striking it is. When you’re in the technical weeds as often as we are, you lose perspective on how to make things that are digestible for non-tech people. It’s great to have [visuals] that make things so clear while also being more fun than your average database or MSP website.”

Randy Knight CEO, SSG

From Search Engine Optimization to Lead Generation

Within two months of go-live, the SQL Solutions Group website began receiving leads and contact requests through their website, really for the first time ever. We followed up with both a Google retargeting campaign and a small, carefully placed Adwords engagement. Their web traffic grew 18.53% and their lead generation picked up steam.

“Every time a lead came through, they’d send us a celebratory email to let us know the plan was working. We’d have a Slack party together for every one because when SSG grows their business, we accomplish our mission. It was really exciting.” – Blythe Morrow, Paper Sword Managing Director.

Results over the first 2 months of go-live

Organic traffic from SEO improvements increased 18.52%

New users on website increased by 28.28%

Visibility on Google search increased by 25%

Engagements from Google search increased by 20%

Website events increased by 850%