Brand Scripting and Website Development

Client: SQLskills

This project is not over, but we can’t wait to show you the new SQLskills messaging and website. We have been huge fans of the SQLskills team for years, running into them at events and in the Data Platform Community. The work that came out of this project was a true partnership.

SQLskills Story

The SQLskills Story

We started by crafting the SQLskills message. With a full Story Branded approach we helped them articulate their customer’s pains, segment their offerings in a meaningful way, and demonstrate the authority they need to convert website visitors to leads.

Building Personal Brands

Each member of the SQLskills team is a well-known, respected expert. They each have their own personality and their own take on the word “brilliant”. Our job was to take each of their personalities and build a blog structure that fit for each of them. 

SQLskills team


SQLskills delivers training a little differently than others in the tech industry, and their team members have big personalities. Being able to translate that sense of fun and energy to messaging and visuals while also emphasizing their respected position in the community took careful consideration.

The pops of blue and retaining the bubble logo keep the spirit of SQLskills’ diving-inspired origins, yet updates the website with a professional edge. With a cleaner use of blocks, it is easier to break up the text explaining courses or services in detail.