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The Paper Sword Branding team created a full visual identity for the company, including a modern, identifiable logo, and a fully responsive website. We worked closely with the owner and founder of Matchbook Services to create a pricing strategy, as well as the strategy to bring the product to market.


When the opportunity to partner with Dun & Bradstreet came along, we created a full partner strategy for Matchbook. The Paper Sword team worked with teams on both sides of the partnership to align all Matchbook’s messaging with D&B’s. We also created sales enablement collateral for the Dun & Bradstreet direct sales team to use once Matchbook was fully integrated in their solutions.

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It’s not often we get to create a brand from the ground up, but we love the challenge. Now Matchbook is fully integrated within Dun & Bradstreet’s solutions, and are identifiable on their own.

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